Mezzanine Floor Quality

Oracle Mezzanine Floors pride ourselves on the quality of our solutions. We use the latest software to create accurate, efficient and compliant floors.

Every one of our floors includes the latest in lightweight steel structures, high quality powder-coated ancillaries and is finished to the highest quality.

All mezzanine floors are designed to meet the general requirements of BRE Digest 437 and all relevant British Standards.

Our mezzanine floors comply to British Standards structural steel code (BS 5950: Parts 1 and 5: Structural use of steel building) and the general requirements of the Building Regulations and BRE Digest 437.

Staircases, handrails and toe plates are designed to conform to British Standards (BS 5395: Parts 1 and 3: Stairs, ladders and walkways) and Building Regulations (Part K Stairways, ramps and guards). The design takes into account the loading category of intended use as covered by British Standards (BS 6399: Part 1: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads).

With reference to the CE marking requirements for structural steel (under the construction products regulation), our floors are provided based on Execution Level 2 (with reference to the EN 1090 series).

If you would like references for our work, please do contact us.

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