Mezzanine Floors - Design Process

How can we help with your design and project?

Below is step by step guide to how Oracle Mezzanine Floors design, deliver and installs your mezzanine floor. Oracle offers a complete service, from helping with the technicalities of your mezzanine floor or steelwork enquiry and forming a detailed quotation, right through to installation.

Oracle supply mezzanine floors of all sizes, from 10m² to well over 15,000m², for all kinds of applications, including retail mezzanines, industrial warehouse storage mezzanines and commercial office mezzanines, which will all allow you to gain more storage or personnel space. 

We can efficiently produce mezzanine floors, with a project manager as point of contact from placement of your order to handover of the installed mezzanine.

Step 1: Site survey and quotation

Oracle will carry out a full site survey of the area in question or work from a given drawing, helping with any technicalities you may have, we will then send you a formal detailed quotation. Typically returned within 48hrs.

Step 2: Order Placed and Project Manager Assigned

As soon as you place an order on one of Oracle’s quotations, we assign a dedicated a project manager to your contract; this project manager is your point of contact throughout the whole project, from survey to completion.

Step 3: Site Survey

The project manager’s first responsibility is to visit the site to undertake a final detailed site survey and measurements and ascertain the site conditions and customer’s site requirements. At this foundation stage we would co-ordinate with all parties involved to ensure that we cover all aspects of the manufacturing and installation programme.

Step 4: Mezzanine Design

Oracle uses the latest design software conforming to all relevant British Standards to produce a working cad model of your floor along with calculations proving the design.

Step 5: Approval of Mezzanine Design by Customer

Working drawings are issued to the customer for approval. If any changes are required these are made by the project manager to approve the design for the project to proceed. A formal copy of all drawings and calculations to substantiate the design are forwarded for all contracts prior to installation.

Step 6: In House Manufacture and Delivery to Site

Oracle Storage are proud of its UK manufacturing capability of mezzanine floors, which enables us to ensure the highest levels of quality and installation programme control whilst offering excellent lead times.

Step 7: Mezzanine Installation

Oracle approves and works with professional installation teams that work to the latest regulations and CDM requirements.

Your assigned project manager stays in close touch with the site manager / contact and installation team to ensure the installation runs smoothly.

Step 8: Customer Satisfaction

Oracle along with the client completely checks the installation and hands over the new mezzanine floor. We can also supply the shelving and racking systems you maybe using on or under the floor and can also recommend office interiors companies, which we work closely with, if you require an office environment.

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