Building Regulations

For Mezzanine Floors

Oracle Mezzanine Floors take full responsibility for ensuring that the project is designed in compliance with all current Building Regulations, quality standards and best practice guidance, and for submission of plans to achieve the required consents.

We ensure that safety, access and fire regulations are taken into account at the design stage and we even provide higher specification moisture-resistant decking as standard to ensure that our floors remain safe throughout their service life.

Oracle Mezzanine Floors installed in the UK are required to comply with Local Authority Building Regulations in order that the installation can be considered to meet current standards laid down by the relevant Government body - the regulations cover (amongst other things) means of escape in the event of fire, access for disabled users, early warning and protection from fire, etc.

The advisor will also cover the implications for your Fire Certification in concert with your local Fire Officer, and help you to comply with this requirement too.

The legislation is contained within the current Building Regulations which can be viewed on the Local Authority Building Control website, however there are various bodies who will help you to understand and identify which standards you must meet for your proposal - you can contact your own local Council and ask for the Building Control Department, or you might wish to pay for an Approved Inspector to advise you (this route may cost you a little more, however it normally results in a speedier response and conclusion). Oracle mezzanine floors use an approved company called Butler & Young who can also fast track the application on our behalf.

Butler & Young Ltd Approved Inspectors has vast experience and expertise of building control for all types of commercial projects. Their expertise has been recognised and has led to strategic alliances with Oracle mezzanine floors, contractors and builders.


Unless prohibited by a condition attached to a previous consent, planning permission for mezzanine floors is not required as long as the changes are internal.

The UK Government has, however, been trying to control the expansion of retail floor space in out-of-town developments and has brought in legislation requiring planning permission for mezzanine floors above 200m². It is permitted, however, to add several mezzanine floors, each just below the 200m² limit without requiring planning consent.

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