Mezzanine Flooring

What's the advantage of a mezzanine floor?

For many years, mezzanine floors have become a popular storage solution for businesses looking to increase their available workspace, when you consider how easy and cost efficient it is to install a mezzanine floor, it’s easy to see why.

The main benefit of mezzanine floor comes down to simply costs, by installing an Oracle mezzanine floor will maximise your space for your existing retail areas, industrial or office unit, without incurring additional business rates, potentially doubling your work area for a one off cost.

There are several types of mezzanine floor installation we do for our clients, offering different solutions depending on the requirement, but the main applications of mezzanine flooring are:

Mezzanine floors for retail – by using a mezzanine floor to increase your retail space, you can add value to your property, and more importantly, increase your display space. This may enable you to offer more products and create a better shopping experience for your customers.

Storage and production mezzanine flooring – this is the most common type of mezzanine flooring and customers may opt for this solution when their existing space is no longer big enough to accommodate their needs. By expanding your space with the use of a mezzanine floor you can save the substantial cost and inconvenience of moving to a new property, while doubling your production and storage space in a short timeframe and with minimal disruption.

Office mezzanine floors – a mezzanine floor is the perfect way to create space for new offices, whether in an existing office unit, above a manufacturing space or any other type of business premises; it’s significantly cheaper than a ‘block and beam’ solution, as well as being faster and less hassle to install

Still not sure?

  * Cost-efficient increased space
  * Fully demountable, so they can be relocated at a later date
  * Increased potential storage space
  * Avoids relocation costs by making use of available space
  * Flexible design option, can be used for many purposes
  * Excellent fire protection available
  * Lightweight, economic steel structure
  * Bespoke design to meet precise customer requirements
  * Seamless integration within existing environment
  * Fast-track construction, with minimum disruption
  * High quality, powder coated ancillaries in a wide choice of colours.

We have a team dedicated to our mezzanine floor division, so if you have any questions, give us a call on 01635 32032

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